Visit the Art Studio exhibit in the Glass Pavilion during Polish Day, to view collections from notable Polish-Canadian visual artists. The exhibit is presented by the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Toronto and has been curated by Mariola Wojcik. The Art Studio will feature the following artists.

Agata Wisnewski headshot

Agata Wisniewski, Painter

Agata Wisniewski was born in Poland in the town of Lódż. She moved to Canada when she was 14 years old. Wisniewski completed a double major in Fine Arts and Psychology at York University and finished a Graphic Communications program at Ryerson University. She explores themes of nature, horses and “spirit art” in her work. Her spiritual journey inspires her art themes.

Wisniewski is fascinated with illumination from within as it exemplifies the soul shining through. Light symbolizes “God” energy. She focuses on flowers in her paintings because their shapes remind her of “Angel Wings” or a “boat gliding on the water”. The sense of movement reflects the journey through life.

Maciej Falecki headshot

Maciej Falecki, Photographer

Maciej Falecki started photography as a hobby in his youth and it became a passion later in life.

Nature inspires his work because it motivates him to be adventurous, outdoorsy, and to appreciate beautiful creations. Falecki also photo shoots streets and urban places as art and to capture amazing moments.

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