The Road to Independence Through the Eyes of Polish Filmmakers


Based in Toronto, the Ekran Polish Film Association strives towards highlighting and proliferating Polish and international films, with aspects of focus on Polish culture as well as multiculturalism. In order to achieve its goal the Ekran Polish Film Association screens a wide variety of films which span a broad selection of topics and themes. These films are screened at a variety of events throughout the year, including film festivals and other cultural occasions.

Film Screening

During the 2018 Mississauga Polish Day Festival, Ekran will be screening a number of historical Polish films in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence. The films will be open for anyone interested to enjoy, and include both classics by renowned  Polish directors as well as modern Polish filmography. The screenings will occur in the the Noel Ryan Auditorium within Mississauga Central Library.


This year’s screening will showcase the following three films during these times:

  • 12:30pm Człowiek z marmuru, A. Wajda (153 min)
  • 4:00pm Miasto 44, J. Komasa (122 min)
  • 7:00pm Wołyń, W. Smarzowski (149 min)


Człowiek z marmuru (Man of Marble), A. Wajda

In 1976, a young woman in Krakow is making her diploma film, looking behind the scenes at the life of a 1950’s bricklayer, Birkut, who was briefly a proletariat hero, at how that heroism was created, and what became of him.

Miasto 44 (Warsaw ’44), J. Komasa

A story of love, friendship and the pursuit of adventure during the bloody and brutal reality of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising.

Wołyń (Hatred), W. Smarzowski

Despite being in love with a Ukrainian boy from the same village, Polish girl named Zosia is forced into marrying a wealthy widower. Soon World War II begins and ethnic tensions arise. Amidst the war chaos Zosia tries to survive.