Experience Polish culture, right here in Mississauga!

Mississauga Polish Day is the city’s annual Polish cultural festival, celebrating Polish-Canadian contribution towards Canada’s rich cultural mosaic. Visitors of all ages and backgrounds are invited for an authentic European experience!

Entrance and parking are free. The event is accessible by public transit; it’s right near the Mississauga City Centre Transit Terminal.

Festival Highlights

  • Live performances

  • Hearty traditional food

  • Beer gardens

  • Children’s Village with lots of activities for kids

  • Art and cultural exhibits

  • Soccer tournament

  • Activities for the whole family!

Our Beginnings

Mississauga Polish Day was founded by the non-profit Canadian Polish Congress – Mississauga District. One of the organisation’s main goals is to promote Polish culture, language, tradition and knowledge of Polish contribution within Canada to all Canadians in order to foster a better understanding and spirit of multiculturalism.

The first Polish Day occurred in September 2015 and was located at the John Paul II Polish Cultural Centre in Mississauga. This was a test or “pilot”, as we needed to determine whether there was a need for a Polish festival in our city.  The outcome exceeded our projections, as 5,000 participants arrived to enjoy the day. In 2016 we moved Polish Day to Mississauga Celebration Square and our festival is held there annually on a Saturday in June. Participation in our event “exploded” over the past four years. In 2018, over 32,000 individuals of all ages participated in our cultural festival.

Mississauga Polish Days Festival Corporation

Mississauga Polish Days Festival is a non-profit corporation since October 2018.

About the Venue: Mississauga Celebration Square

The festival takes place at Mississauga’s premier outdoor event venue. Celebration Square is right in the heart of down town Mississauga, adjacent to city hall. It’s easily accessible by public transit as it’s beside the City Centre Transit Terminal.